giffgaff the network run by you.

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app design

giffgaff is the network run by its members. Established in 2009, it aimed to disrupt the telco space by offering no contract plans. This gives it’s members flexibility, freedom and control when it comes to their mobile phone provider. Working for such a vibrant young business meant I was afforded opportunities to work in many areas of the business ranging from app design, product design, working on the design system, creating social media posts, OOH, sim packs and even a van wrap.

Thanks to the rest of the design team, Omair Barkatulla, Darren Barker, Eliane Fouch and Ross Brock.


giffgaff app.

giffgaff had a basic app which needed to transition over to react native reusing core components from the design system. This provided me with an opportunity to design various screens working closely with the UX designer (Riikka Nuutinen) and the product team.


goodybag redesign.

The giffgaff goodybags have become an iconic asset for the mobile operator ever since it’s inception. With an ever increasing number of goodybags, the business was presented with a few interesting challenges. The launch of a golden goodybag meant the product offerings almost doubled. How would we distinguish between a regular goodybag and a golden? What does gold look like in comparison to an already vibrant range of colours?

The existing goodybags also presented their own challenges. The legibility of the bags at certain sizes, the use of colours and accessibility were key concerns also. We worked closely with Yolk to get a semiotics read of the existing range of goodybags and the proposed new changes.

Ultimately we felt a more simple geometric shape gave us a more refined contemporary and youthful appeal. We also updated the secondary colour palette with some bright and softer colours.


Social DR ads.

Working closely with assets used in our TV ads, I created several Social DR ads across different channels.


Social posts.

Often I was briefed by our social team to produce some content for the various social channels. One being to animate a voice note from one of the community members and bringing it to life using the emoji’s and look and feel from the giffgaff gives back campaign.



The brand design team were tasked with updating the design guidelines. These provide a clear guide on how to look, feel and sound like giffgaff across all channels and mediums.


Van wrap.

The design team were often briefed with a variety of projects and opportunities. We were asked to design a van wrap in line with the “Fixed UK prices” campaign that was running using a vibrant gradient. Here you can see the designs and the end result.


Homepage banners.

Here you can see a few homepage banners we designed in line with campaign updates or brand messaging.


SIM packs.

Retail and Online SIM packs were often the subject of much change over the past few years. We needed the SIM packs to be clear and concise to stand out in a POS in a supermarket against all of our competitors.


Halloween campaigns.

Halloween has become a big deal for giffgaff. We celebrated with a few wacky games and campaigns where I had the opportunity to illustrate and have a bit of fun.